I created a new YouTube channel

Let me start off by saying that, yes, I did technically say a few years ago that I would never create a second YouTube channel because it’s pointless and that all the content I ever create will go up on Barnacules Nerdgasm.

I learned a valuable lesson and that is everything you say or do online stays online and people treat it like it was just said even when years have gone by because from their perception they just watched you say it. I totally get that now and I will try to refrain from saying ‘never’ again in the future. The truth is it didn’t make sense to me until just recently to make a second YouTube channel.

The new channel I created is called #CarGasm and it chronicals my passion and love for anything automotive or transportation. The truth is I’ve always been a gear head and love motorsports. I’ve been to DirtFish Rally School many times and have enjoyed absolutely every second of it. There is something exhilarating about not only driving a car but feeling its raw power and soul and letting the vibration, sounds and smells just drown out everything else in the background and fully pull you in.

I wanted to share that experience with you guys but each time I post something car related on the nerdgasm channel it gets a lot of bad comments from people that just want technology and don’t consider cars to fall into that category (even though they do).

Now I thought about trying to focus on the technology of the cars and make a series that would make everyone happy but realized quickly that my passion for driving cars is very different from my passion for technology like 3D printing. When it comes to my nerdy passions I like the specs, I like the ‘how it works’ and I like the challenge of making software and hardware work together. However, when I’m driving cars I like to leave all that behind and focus primarily on the experience and sharing that with you guys.

So I finally made the decision to launch a new channel which means it will grow slow, it will take time to establish, and the videos I put up there won’t get 1/20th the viewership they would get if I just uploaded them to the Barnacules Nerdgasm channel. But the difference is the #Cargasm channel will have an audience of car enthusiasts that enjoy the topic on the same level that I do without making a bunch of people angry that just want the technology stuff which I still am very passionate about. So from a business and money perspective, this makes little sense. But from a vision perspective, it makes perfect sense to me.

I also created separate social media for #Cargasm on Twitter and Instagram so I can again just follow other car enthusiasts and just post pictures and videos of car related content that get’s my blood boiling. This allows me to separate my two passions and the audiences that follow them.

Now a few people have expressed that they are worried the new channel will cause me to neglect the Barnacules Nerdgasm channel. I want to assure you that the opposite is going to happen and I’ll tell you why. Up until this point from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep I’m always in work mode which means I rarely disengage and do something else to clear my mind. By creating this new channel it allows me to do something completely different for a period of time and get my brain out of the monotony so I can flip/flip back and forth between the channels with a fresh mind and fresh vision each day.

Think of #Cargasm as the YING to #Nerdgasm’s YANG and a way to ensure that I get to share both of my passions with the right people every day without forcing people that don’t care for cars to watch them. Also, I plan to make about 3 – 4 videos a month on the #Cargasm channel which is a much lower frequency than the #Nerdgasm channel since I want to focus on higher production value and more time shooting and having fun with the cars since the reason for making this new channel isn’t to just make entertaining content. it’s to be genuinely entertained and capture that experience!

The first episode of #Cargasm is now up on the channel and if you haven’t seen it I really hope you will give it a chance and determine if this new channel is something you also would like to subscribe too. The first episode is about 30 minutes long and future episodes will be 10-15 minutes long to reduce editing time and allow for a ‘faster paced’ video. Also, I generally don’t do a ton of collaborations on #Nerdgasm but I plan to have regular co-hosts on #Cargasm with me to help give alternate perspectives on the vehicles I review and also to share in my enjoyment of the experience because everything is better when you get to share it with someone that has the same level of passion for it as you do.

I really hope you all give #Cargasm a chance and if you like the series please come over and subscribe and interact on social media. I want to get both my audiences to interact a lot more in the comments sections and spreading positivity and posting good questions that get the community thinking. I want to get people to come out of their shells and not just watch videos but interact with them. I really want both of my channels to be far more engaging going into 2017.

Thank you all for the support you give me. You have allowed me to provide for my family for 2 years now since Microsoft laid me off after my 15 year career as a software developer and I couldn’t be more grateful. I won’t lie, I get a lot of hate online for not having a real job in the context of what some people believe but I get 1000 people encouraging me for every 1 person trying to tear me down and as long as that keeps up I will keep on doing this until I can’t do it anymore.

I love you all, thank you for believing in me, supporting what I do and sharing my life with me. Even if you don’t like everything I make I still thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking around for the things that you do enjoy.

<In Jerry’s Voice> It’s time for #Cargasm…


YouTube capture.PNG






One thought on “I created a new YouTube channel

  1. Follow your dreams. Live a passionate life. Treat the trolls like the annoying little gnats that they are and don’t give them any space in your head or power over your life. Carpe diem.

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