Less Numb, More Feels… Good & Bad…

Hey Guys,

I really enjoy writing these blogs in the morning since it helps get me charges up for my day and you guys seem to like them. Even though the audience for these is very small I know it’s my most devoted followers and most trolls can’t read so it’s a great place to let my thoughts & emotions fly!

Well today is roughly 3 days being off medication (hours wise) and there is a lot happening already. So far the withdrawal hasn’t been super horrible as I was expecting but I do have a stuffy nose and soar muscles which is to be expected amd the occasional headache. That being said I feel mentally sharp on a whole new level I almost forgot existed, I can remember a lot of things quicker then I did before and it’s boosted my confidence immensely! I also noticed that my skin is much more sensitive and I’m actually in a much better mood overall which as far as I’m concerned is all super welcome and I’m very excited to just be done with pain & depression medicine. I think Mrs. Barnacules is also pretty happy with the results so far if you know what I mean… #Wink

Unfortunately it’s come at a cost, and that is my back pain. It’s almost unbearable at times and I sleep very horribly. However I wake up feeling more refreshed then when I was sleeping better (or thought it was better) on the drugs. It makes for a very rough and uncomfortable night of tossing and turning in pain. It’s pretty clear at this point I need a new bed and I’m going to put some focus on that next week and try to find something that works better with my specific back pain, do you guys have suggestions? I also have trouble walking sometimes because sciatic nerve gets pinched and my leg gets shooting pains and I have to hobble around a bit where as with the pain medication it was almost unnoticeable. I don’t really see myself doing any activities like snowboard, etc until I find a way to manage the pain.

I really hope that hyper sensitivity to pain lets up after a while once I’m off the meds for a bit but I’m a little scared that my back just may have really gotten that bad over the years while I didn’t even notice because I was medicated. At any rate though mental sharpness is my primary goal getting off the meds and getting my personality, drive and passion back and that is exactly what I feel like is happening! If I have to suffer a little bit and find alternate ways to deal with the pain at this point, so be it!

Also I’m pretty happy because there has been another break through in the fraud investigation case where I’ve obtained concrete evidence that the person that committed fraud against me has also hit other people in the community and many companies using other methods that didn’t involve me and have contacted those companies to make them aware. I also have evidence of him under what he thought was an assumed anonymous alias confessing to all of his crimes publicly and bragging about how good he is at social engineering (apparently not that good). I have grouped all the evidence together and provided to the attorney generals office in New York so they can start working up the case!

What really blows my mind is that when the person contacted me and apologized for ripping me off and said he felt bad I wanted to believe him, I was even willing to talk this through with his family and try to resolve the situation without involving any legal action. But then as the investigation went on I realized the guy isn’t only a known social engineering but absolutely prides himself on the ability to escape any consequences when he gets caught committing a crime. I can’t share the evidence with you guys yet but I will once the case is made public. But the sheer arrogance of this person and actual pride he has in his craft of ripping people off and throwing others under the bus absolutely blew my mind and the fact he literally bragged about it online makes it that much worse.

I know the world has bad people in it that would rather try and steal from others then make their own way. But I never thought I would be the one responsible for finally catching one that has been on a crime streak for 1/4th of his entire life literally affecting hundreds of company’s and many individuals. I feel absolutely zero remorse pursuing this person after finding all of the evidence and I will continue to pursue him both legally through the federal court system and also in a civil case once that ends. I am going to seek damages for everything he has done to me and even if it takes 10 years to collect I really don’t care because this person needs to learn a life lesson that shows them what it’s like to be on the other end of what they were doing stealing and terrorizing people just for monetary gain.

I’m generally a very forgiving person, I really am! And I want to see the good in all people and try to find it at all cost. But I’ll be honest, after living a year on the internet full time making a living I’ve encountered increasingly toxic people that are slowly eating away at my ability to just trust until proven wrong or give people the benefit of the doubt and I find that hugely unfortunate. It sucks that a few bad apples have to ruin things for everyone else but unfortunately in some cases it’s true. But fighting back and winning these cases and making this highly public should help companies defend themselves against future social engineering attacks and also help other YouTuber’s realize this can and will happen if they are not keeping tabs on everything and how they can also defend against this type of attacks. They just need to know that at the end of the day any physical merchandise that is obtained illegally is considered stolen so no matter how many safe drops they use or re-shipping companies they use there is always a trail leading to the real person and that was his undoing. Just because you have a friend accept the packages or reship it through a middle man shipping company doesn’t mean that you won’t get caught. All of that information can and will be obtained by police once an investigation is started.

Well guys I’m going to wrap up today’s BLOG and say I’m feeling great today despite the back pain, I’m excited to shoot a video reviewing a few light panels from Aputure (not the Portal guys) that I am using in my videos to give much better lighting on me and I absolutely love them. I hope to get some nerd blocks unboxed starting next week and catch up on a few other videos people have been waiting for and ultimately get the driving simulator back online before JayzTwoCents arrives in a few weeks for VloggerFair! There is still a lot of work to do this month to get the 3D printed storm trooper suit done for PAX Prime and review my SLA printer I received from FSL 3D. I’m busier then ever and now I feel like I’m getting some of that piss and vinegar back that made me Jerry and not just a depressed ghost of the man.

Thanks for reading, please come follow me on my social networks for more updates!

PS: Huge apologies going out to all of the companies that have been waiting on product reviews that were heavily delayed because of this criminal impacting my life. I hope to start putting that behind me but it might be some time before I can disengage and just let the law enforcement fully take over. That being said I will be reviewing everything sent to me it just will take a little time! Thank you for being so patient in light of this horrible catastrophe.


8 thoughts on “Less Numb, More Feels… Good & Bad…

  1. I come from a long line of shitty back and so a good bed has always been needed since I was young. I tend to run hot so the memory foam ones didn’t work since they radiated the heat back at me. I have been on a sleep number bed for about 12 years now and it is great. Adjusting the firmness of each side is great. Me and my wife love it. Also something that has made things better for us is something called a bedjet. It is a heating/cooling system that goes under the top sheet to heat or cool the bed. Works fantastic and me and my wife love it. We got as a kickstarter invention and works amazing.

    As for the medication and criminal stuff. Glad you are starting to find a balance with it. The medicine I can relate too the criminal stuff not so much since no one wants to impersonate me for any profitable reasons. Hope to see you getting back to things that make you smile and you love.

  2. On the back pain front I found water aerobics before a gym session helped a lot. There is something about the warmth of the water and the smoother movements that seems to iron things out. My better half uses a tens machine for her bad back and swears by it – there are no drugs involved and all it does is send small electrical pulses in to your skin. I thought it only worked while it was turned on but she says she gets pain relief for 2-3 hours after she it turns it off.

    Here in the UK you can either hire a tens machine if you are pregnant or the NHS will provide them for free if you are suffering from painful cramps etc – it shows how good they are and how safe they are. A word of caution though, while you are still coming off long term painkillers and you are still extra sensitive to new feelings, you may find it a bit uncomfortable – maybe worth waiting a week or two first. Here in the UK a good tens machine will cost around £30-£40 but you can get them for under £20.

  3. I have back problems myself and know how bad the lightning bolts of pain down your legs can be. I go to a chiropractor when it gets really bad. It actually does help a bit.

  4. Hey Jerry,
    my Mom also has/had horrible back pain and slepping problems because of that. Last year she bought a very expensive new slatted frame (don’t know if thats the right name. the thing where you put your mattress on). It helped her a lot and she can sleep all through the night almost every night. Maybe you should look into that. btw it was a speicial slatted frame from the brand lattoflex. i’m sure there are also other brands, but they are pretty good.
    Keep up the good work!!, I’m praying for you

  5. Deer Jerry,

    At first I will thank you for all the nice vids you make. Because of you I’m building my own 3D printer a Kossel xl and help a handicapped friend of mine with his um2. Because I have a spinal cord injury I must be aware of wounds when lying on a bed. At the moment I have a tempur bed with “slow foam”(?) We call it traagschuim in the Netherlands. Maybe you can try it at a store near you. 🙂

    Have a nice day, Rudy

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